Braincase takes you faster to your preferred job. With our support you are optimally prepared for the job interview and your application documents are adapted to each employer.

It does not matter if you are at the beginning of your career, changing the job or having a new orientation in your professional life. Our most important mission is to help you get the best job for you.

Thanks to our huge address book we have very good references and contact to companies of all size and sector. This is a good start to help you get your dreamed position in the company of your choice.

To get you best prepared for the interview we offer four different service packages that are as individual as you are:

  • Basic Package

    It does not matter if you are starting your career, changing a career or just changing the job. Our important duty is to assist you to come closer to your dreamed job. One of the important steps in this Endeavour is the right preparation of the interview.

    That is exactly what we do! We allocate you a personal Coach who will give you advices and help you get rid of your fears. With your coach you will answer frequently asked questions during interviews. Additionally your appearance is very important. To enable you to leave a good impression on your potential employer the coach will discuss with you topics as the personal presentation, good manners, verbal expression as well as the dress code for each profession. With Braincase you are best prepared for your interview.

  • All-in-Service

    The All-in-Service includes all the other three packages to makes you satisfy. We offer you all the necessary and optimal support for your application, from the beginning to the end. Starting from the preparation of your Interview, we send your documents to your contacts. The only thing you will have to do by yourself will be to do the interview. But thanks to the professional support you got from us, it will be easy for you to get the job of your dreams.

  • Standard Package

    You often have just a chance to get the right job. This opportunity lies in your application. Many companies select applications based on their appearance. If the Human resource receives a collection of pages or a motivation letter with mistakes, these are thrown directly in the trash. To help you be persuasive in your application we read and correct your motivation letter to avoid flaws. We also have a look at your personal data sheet und show you eventually where there is room for improvement. Afterwards you just have to send your application and wait for the invitation to the interview.

  • Standard Package and shipping the application

    Added to the services of the basic and the standard packages we take on the responsibility of sending your resume to our contacts, this to your advantage. This brings you closer to your most wanted job. Experience has shown that you will, in the next days, receive invitations to interviews.

Are you still hesitating which of the packages suit you best? Contact us and we will find a solution.

You know what you want? Perfect! Require today your personal and not binding offer. We look forward doing business with you!